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  1. Hi Amy, I enjoyed reading your post about where you live in San Diego. I live in a small beachside town in New Zealand and I love my beaches too! More posts and pictures like this one would be great!

  2. Re: For the record… It was nearly impossible to narrow my list down to only five things I love. Maybe I should share additional blog posts with more? Like my five favorite activities or my five favorite local San Diego foods? If you’d like to see anything like that, then leave a comment below and let me know!
    Yes, yes, yes! All of it! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your recipes, but LOVE ALL your posts about YOU! I am SO happy for you that you have found your Amy space and wish you much more happiness for your future!!! Hugs!

  3. Amy! I love this! I was supposed to go to San Diego for work days after the country shutdown for Covid. I was soooo bummed.

    I do want to eventually get there and visit the zoo.

    What I love about where I live (Dayton, OH)… I love the history (home to the Wright Brothers, NCR (National Cash Register Company), Charles F Kettering (electric starter for cars), Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and the National Museum of the United States Air Force). Also- Dave Chapelle, Allison Janey, Rob Lowe… Kings Island, Cedar Point…

    What I don’t like- allergies! (We’re also known as sinus and allergy valley because of the aquifer below our area) and not anywhere close to the beach.

  4. Hello Amy, I have enjoyed your recipes for years, so thank you for that, please keep it up. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, home the the famous Calgary Stampede. I enjoyed your posts from your home, I have been to the Coronada Hotel (so wonderful and rich in history). So glad you shared a glimpse of your life, always like to see more. Fantastic!

  5. Amy, I was so encouraged to read about you and your grandma’s relationship – what a true blessing it is to have her so close by! This was such a fun post – I loved getting a glimpse into life in San Diego!
    I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I love a lot about it, but my favorite things are the 4 seasons (I am one of those weirdos who actually likes winter!), lots of beautiful hiking opportunities nearby, the gorgeous Lake Michigan shore and tons of County parks. And I love the way Milwaukee does summer (constant activities, from ethnic festivals to free outdoor concerts every night of the week)

  6. Hi Amy, I love reading your life stories just as much as I love searching every recipe/idea I ever find on your website, to check if you have a healthier/tastier alternative. I always find your coffee break posts really inspirational and heart-warming, and I can guarantee that most of your true ‘fans’ feel exactly the same – there is more to your website than just food, and recipes, and work – you are a human, just like the rest of us! It would be lovely to hear from you more, and I’m sure that you would find more happiness in sharing your experiences and special moments with a caring audience. 😊

  7. Amy, this post made me so happy! I am so glad that you are doing so well in San Diego. What a dream location to live in and the sweet relationship you have with your grandma and community is priceless. I love these glimpses into your daily life. You are a beautiful soul and it is so fun to see more of your life behind the scenes of all the baking!

  8. I’m new to your site. Admittedly, I initially found you because of the healthy recipes via Google search. I began reading your recipe introductory stories and found them riveting. You’re a great writer. Your style is fun and your topics are certainly interesting. Going off that path was fun. Keep up the nice work here on your blog.

  9. Oh my gosh, I love the Coffee Break post!! Next time, we definitely need to hear about the food there!! I’m a serious foodie, so when we travel, I’m all about the food in that area, and not just the touristy spots, I’m talking where to get a FANTASTIC breakfast, or who has the best seafood, etc… I’m happy to have found your IG acct and blog, etc… (by way of BRM and their Insta). Huge congrats on finding the perfect home too! Can’t wait to hear about your next out of kitchen, away from home experience… I felt like I was right there with you and your grandmother!

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