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Cherry Almond Cookies




    • Thanks Danielle; you’re so sweet! I’m sure you’ve come across plenty of great Valentine’s Day recipes so far, and I can’t wait to see them arrive in my email inbox! 🙂

    • Katy, you’re just the sweetest — thank you! I wish you could be my official taste tester; we’d have such a fun time!

    • Thanks Megan! I think I still have a few of those Winnie the Pooh cards at my parents’ house. Some of them were too cute to give away!

  1. Aww I love how surprised he was that you made these with the cherries!! They look so good! OH MY GOSH I loved Valentines day in elementary school, such a fun time getting to exchange valentines.

    • Thanks Brittany! I miss those elementary school Valentine’s Days; collecting the cards (and candy) was so much fun!

    • Thanks Emma! He loves bright fruity flavors — especially berries! — so most of the treats I make for him involve some sort of fruit. 😉

  2. Are you and I twins separated at birth? Pretty sure I used to approach valentine’s day the SAME way… picked the pinkest outfits (even into high school, I think!), agonized over which pre-printed saying to give to which person… and hoped upon hopes that my crush would read between the lines! Haha. My crush this year is not leaving any room for reading inbetween the lines- he proclaimed a few days ago that he’d like to rename Valentine’s Day to “candy day…” A subtle hint at what he wants me to get for him. I’m crossing my fingers that he reciprocates with chocolate!!

    These look great, and I love that you went with your guy’s suggestion! The sweetest!

    • I showed my guy your comment about the Mr. renaming Valentine’s Day to “Candy Day.” He’s on board too! So… Let’s call it “Candy & Chocolates Day” so neither of them forget their end of the bargain. 😉 And I still pick out pink outfits, even as an adult! Maybe not so over-the-top — one year, I wore a shirt with hundreds of tiny pink hearts! — but I still prefer pink over red. Just the pastel-color-lover in me!

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