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  1. These were a delicious surprise!! I added chopped English walnuts and highly suggest that. Tried one and then added in a bit of coconut sugar to my double batch for a perfect finish!! These would be great with a bit of glaze drizzled on top. Especially a caramel flavored glaze with the apples!! Might have to try that next time. These are a great little cookie!!5 stars

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed these cookies, Suzi! Thank you for taking the time to let me know and rate the recipe. It truly means a lot! ♡ I love the way you think too. Caramel and apples are such an irresistible combination — that would be an amazing glaze! I have a feeling my family would love that!

  2. I made these with honey. They were really good. I made them a second time with honey and added walnuts. Perfect!5 stars

    • I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed these cookies, Lisa! Thanks for taking the time to share and rate this recipe, it really means a lot! I appreciate you sharing your modifications, too. We always love to hear about recipe tweaks that work well! Adding walnuts is a delicious idea! I’ll have to try that next time I make these! 😉

  3. I made the batter last night and refrigerated until this morning. They were mixed as directed using pure maple syrup as the sweetener. The taste is good. It’s hard to eat just one! Mine did not spread out at all so they don’t look like the picture at all. The texture is not what I expected; it is closer to a muffin than a chewy cookie. The flavor is good so I would make them again.4 stars

    • I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed they flavor of these cookies and plan to make them again, Michele! That really means a lot to us!

      You’re right that the texture of these cookies are usually more of a chewy cookie and not a muffin texture, and they should spread some. So I’d love to pinpoint what happened so that your next batch turns out even better!

      My first thought is that the amount of time your dough was chilled is what impacted the texture. The longer the cookie dough is chilled, the more the oats soak up moisture…and the less the cookies spread. They also have a cakier and more muffin-like texture when the dough has been chilled for that long, again because of how much moisture the oats have absorbed. If chilled longer than 1 hour or so, the cookies will often refuse to spread, and they have a noticeably different texture.

      So there are two options! The first is to chill the cookie dough for just 30 minutes, the amount of time provided in the recipe. The second would be to (a) flatten the cookies to about ⅜” thick if you’d like to chill the cookie dough overnight and then (b) bake the cookies for 1-2 minutes less than you just did (since overbaking can also lead to a muffin-like texture!).

      I’m also curious about how you measured the oats and flour?

      Also, what was the exact brand of maple syrup that you used?

      Both of those answers might help us find the right culprit, too! Either way, I’m so happy to hear that you were still able to enjoy them and just hope we can figure out how to make them even better next time! 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply! I normally make muffin batter the night before so I can just bake and eat in the morning. I may try these one afternoon or on a weekend when I have time to chill and bake all at once. I did use the scoop and level method for the flour and oats. The maple syrup was McLure’s. I have a small bottle that was a gift. My normal brand is culinaria4 stars

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