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  1. Hello Amy, I just made this recepy and read the comments while waiting for them…..Now I have eaten 2 peaces and they are delicious!!
    I used normal oats, chufa flower (tiger nut) a banana (no egg) and ahornsirup and it all worked well. It has kind of a bread/cake texture.
    I had no patience for letting it cool in the fridge,so I pit it right away op de bakingpaper and made a circel shape. Then I cut it in 10 peaces, like a star. Like scones.
    (Excuse me my frenche 🙂 )
    Regards Ina, The Netherlands5 stars

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed these cookies, Ina! That’s the best kind of compliment, if you’ve already eaten two of them. 😉 Thank you for taking the time to let me know! I appreciate you sharing your recipe modifications too. I always love hearing what tweaks work!

  2. I’ve made these twice now. I think last year when I made them I didn’t have any liquid sweetener and used the milk and brown sugar option. This time I used maple syrup. I think I only ended up chilling them for about ten minutes, but they came out perfect 😀. I also made them with a small cookie scoop, and that way they’re only 60 calories a cookie. I love it! Also, they’re amazing with Granny Smith apples, and it doesn’t compromise the sweetness.

    I did add more spice, which is what I almost always do to pumpkin and apple spice recipes. I made some apple pie spice with cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and cardamom and added a couple teaspoons of that.

    The one minor complaint I have is that if you put them in an airtight container they get sticky/have a somewhat less pleasant texture, but the next time I make them I want to try putting them in a box or paper bag like you would do with donuts and see how that turns out.

    Thanks for the recipe, Amy! I’ll be visiting again to check out more of them.5 stars

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed these cookies Mariah! That’s a HUGE compliment, if you think they came out perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to let me know — it really means a lot!

      I appreciate you sharing your modifications too. I always love hearing what tweaks work!

      That’s strange that yours turned sticky after sealing them in an airtight container. I haven’t had that happen before! Did you leave them at room temperature or chill after sealing them in the airtight container? If you ever get a chance, I’d love to hear whether your idea about a box or paper bag works any better too!

      • I did let them cool, but putting them in the fridge would probably work better. I hadn’t thought of that. 🙂 I’ll be sure to check back in if I make them again and store them differently.

        • I’ve found that refrigerating these cookies both helps them keep longer (although that might not be an issue! 😉 ) and makes them a little firmer too. I hope that works for you too, Mariah!

  3. Could you pour the dough into a large pyrex and bake and cut them into bars instead of drop them for cookies? I’ve baked these as cookies years ago but can’t remember if it’d work out as bars.

    • Yes, you can bake these as bars instead of individual cookies! I’d recommend using the same oven temperature and a square baking pan (8″ for thicker bars, 9″ for thinner bars!). Start checking on them after the same amount of time as with baking the cookies. They’ll be done when the edges look firm and the center feels just a teensy bit soft. You’ll want to let them cool completely to room temperature in the pan before slicing and eating because the center will continue to cook through while the pan cools.

      I can’t wait to hear what you think of them as bars, Sandra!

      • They turned out exactly how I hoped they would! Total baking time was about 20 minutes in an 8×8 pyrex. They’re perfect! ❤️ Thank you Amy!

        • Fantastic!! I’m so glad they turned out the way you hoped. Thank you for taking the time to let me know — it truly means a lot, Sandra! ♡

  4. I think you mean minute oats not instant. Instant oats are in the little packages you don’t cook. I am going to try these.

    • I’ve actually covered this exact topic in the Notes section of the recipe, located directly underneath the Instructions. I know it can be easy to miss that detail! 😉 I can’t wait to hear what you think of these cookies, Lynn!

  5. These were SO delicious, as far as taste. The texture was a bit off. They were soft and chewy and moist, but they also fell apart as soon as I picked them up. I used honey instead of agave so I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it. Either way, delicious! We went apple picking and have SO many apples. I’m not sure what kind I even used in this recipe because they were all mixed up lol but I’m definitely making more of these cookies.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the flavor of these cookies, Lauren! That’s the best kind of compliment, if you already think you’ll make more. Thank you for taking the time to let me know!

      As for the texture, these cookies shouldn’t fall apart once you pick them up, so I’m happy to help solve that. In order to do so, I have some questions for you!

      How long did you bake your cookies?

      Did you use a kitchen scale or measuring cups/spoons for the ingredients, especially the oats, flour, and honey?

      Did the texture of your cookie dough before and after chilling match mine in the video directly above the recipe? If not, can you describe it in a bit more detail?

      (If it did match mine, then you can also bake them for a few extra minutes. I’d recommend somewhere between 2-5 minutes, depending on just how flimsy they were. 🙂 )

  6. I made a double batch today, using steel cut quick cook oats, and whole wheat flour, both weighed on a balance. Also used egg whites, as found in recipe a few days ago, rather than whole eggs. I forgot to cool dough, but since I was using a 9 by 13 baking dish for making bars, it didn’t seem to affect the finished cake.
    It did take about 30 minutes for a toothpick to come out clean. I haven’t cut them yet, so will report later about taste and texture

    • It means a lot that you tried my recipe, Carl! I’m really looking forward to hearing how your cookie bars turned out. 🙂

      • The steel cut oats, even though quick cooking, did not provide the right consistency in the final bar. Do not recommend using it. Taste was pretty good, but was disappointed in the final product. They were edible, but not for company!😓

        • I’m glad you at least enjoyed their flavor, Carl! If you’re able to use regular quick cooking oats (or old-fashioned oats that you’ve treated using the process that I’ve outlined on my Oatmeal Cookie FAQ Page!), then your cookie bars should have a much better texture.

          I’d also recommend baking them for less time, which should improve the texture as well. When I’ve made these as bars, they’ve actually finished baking in about the same amount of time as the individual cookies. They’re done baking when the sides look firm and done but the center still looks a little soft and underdone. If you let the bars cool completely to room temperature in the pan (and then rest for a few hours once at room temperature before slicing!), the heat from the pan will continue to cook the center all the way through — but without drying out the bars — and result in the best soft and chewy texture! If the edges of the cookies pull away from the edges of the pan within 10 minutes of removing them from the oven, then you’ve baked them long enough. 🙂

  7. Hi there – do you think these would work with grated apples, too, or recommend only doing the small dice? Thx!

    • Yes, grated apples should work. 🙂 I’d love to hear what you think of these oatmeal cookies if you end up making them, Kate!

  8. Hello!
    I just made these cookies…
    Wowza, they are so delicious.
    I used Rolled oats and for flour, I used almond.
    I stuck to the rest of the recipe.
    I will be making these again, and again and again.

    Thanks for sharing

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed these cookies, Sarah! That’s the best kind of compliment, if you already think you’ll make them again and again. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know — that really means a lot! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you loved these cookies, Carissa! Thanks for taking the time to let me know. It means a lot! 🙂 Store them in an airtight container. If the airtight container is left at room temperature, the cookies should last anywhere from a few days or up to one week. If refrigerated, they should last longer!

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